How it all began… (and continues)

(this is a short version of the story. It will be translated in the future)

The regenboogkussens group was initiated by Carin. According to her a friend was going through hard times and she wanted to do something to let him know he did not have to go through it alone.
She made a pillow with a subject that would appeal to him. With this pillow she hoped she would give him the support he needed at that moment. It was such a success she decided to make more, and started the group.

Carin Zwaneveld
Nederweert, 19 oktober 2006

The story continues…
Carin has been able to lift the spirits of many people with beautiful pillows. When she posted the message that she had to stop the project for health reasons and would not be accepting any new requests I offered to take over the coordination of the project. I had been stitching squares for the project for over a year and was familiar with the way she worked. Both Carin and myself thought it through very carefully. For Carin it was a big step to hand the whole lot over, for me it was a challenge to take over a well running site. No easing into things, just dive in at the deep end. I would not have made the offer if I had not trusted that it would all work out.
That is why we continue to make pillows for those who can use a little color in their lives.

Siobhan Geurts, juni 2008

It still continues ...
In july 2014 I joined to stitch the squares and combine them to rainbowpillows. Very exciting in the beginning, but escpecially fun to do. It is nice to see how and what is accomplished here. Soon I felt realy at home with all those creative people who contribute and everything that comes with it.

When Siobhan announced she would stop as coordinator, I almost immediately responded to take over the task. One could call it impulsive, but I rather call it intuition. That is one of those characteristics making the rainbowpillows. And that's what makes it so special.

Marga Stroo, maart 2015