What does a rainbowpillow look like?

This is largely up to you by requesting a rainbowpillow in a theme that will appeal to the recipient.

Examples of themes:

Flowers – animals (like bears, cats, elephants, etc) – nature – cartoons – children’s motifs – countries – season – the recipient’s star sign – his/her initial with a decoration, etc.
The basis for a pillow are 5 squares with cross stitch subjects matching the theme that you have requested. Rainbowpillows do not make up the subjects themselves, although sometimes they have to create the patterns themselves because they can't find a chart. After the squares have been embroidered, they are sent to the person who will sew the pillow. She will look for the fabric that will fit the theme to make into a pillowcase.
For safety reasons the pillowcases for babies and small children will close at the back with Velcro. All other pillowcases will close at the back with buttons.
We finance this project ourselves so we ask that you buy the 40 x 40 cm pillow insert. We send you the pillowcase for free and together with the pillow insert it becomes a rainbowpillow.

NOTE: Anyone can request a rainbowpillow. The pillow case will be mailed free of charge to the applicant’s address within The Netherlands.
For requests from outside The Netherlands the delivery costs are paid by the person requesting the rainbowpillow.

Requests can be sent to info@regenboogkussens.nl